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Clear Creek Winter

 As this warm spell continues, the curiosity killed the cat! Clear Creek is thawing, for now.  This may be a tiny window of opportunity, so if you plan on getting up here, do it ASAP, before the next storm blows in and freezes everything up.  Trust me, it's still winter up here.  That said, a dry/dropper is the ticket in the winter on Clear Creek.  Once in a while, the fish will surprise you and eat the dry, like they did today! I used a giant moth, but a small BWO or Caddis pattern dropped to a Beadhead brassie or rainbow warrior should get the job done.  6x to your dropper because of low flows and clear water.  It can still be a slow time of year but that's why it's called fishing! Stop in the shop and talk to Rob or I for tips, spots to fish, and bugs to add to your arsenal. Who said anything about an offseason? 👊 Josh

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